Intel Aero Drone, first steps.

The Intel Aero Drone program is a mess. There are outdated documents everywhere. Unhelpful answers due to various outdated firmware handling things drastically different. Marketing talk laden answers that gives no insight etc. …but it is admittedly getting better, if you know what to look for. as of today (30/06/2017) The most up to date… Read More »

Polishing technique 04/05/2017

In this new scheme: I use the leather rotary disc together with the green polish with Dremel (the fast settings work better) to polish the surface I use the car headlight restorer (directly on top, cleaning it with polishing cloth, at least three layers) I finish it with glooss varnish spray It works especially well… Read More »

Spaghetti allo scoglio

Today Stefano thought me and Pedro how to cook spaghetti alla scoglio Roma style. Ingredients (3 persons): 500 gr spaghetti (we used spaghetti with nera di sepia (inkfish ink) on my special request, Stefano thinks linguini works better) 1 kg of Vongole (clean) 1 ink-fish, cleaned, cut in small rings for pasta 3 king prawns… Read More »

the reason the motor was not disarming

in order to disarm the motors, you have to send a signal that corresponds to lower left in the throttle control panel. well it was not working. apparently you have to trim the relative motor powers so that the drone is not spinning in order to achieve that.

proxxon mb200 and bosch (dremel)

The PROXXON MB200 is far superior than the plastic and flimsy Dremel equivalent. When you remove the attachment ring from the BOSCH GRO 10.8 V rotary tool (which has Dremel compatible threads), it fits inside the PROXXON MB200 drill guide. However, the ring is too small. I solved this by applying two layers of TESA… Read More »