Using Meshmixer 1 (A name tag for my door)

By | 19/02/2017

Meshmixer is a great free tool from Autocad.

  1. I used photoshop 3D extrude to get a nice 3D mesh of my name with an acceptable font. I exported it as STL under 3D print menu.
  2. I aligned the imported STL using edit->transform, so that it coincides with the planes I usually work (it is not possible to align the parts when mixing for some reason)
  3. Very important! : I created a solid under the edit menu. For some reason, when you adjust the parameters, you have to press update manually, otherwise, the old parameters will be used in the solid
  4. Under the select menu, use select all (ctrl-a), then use convert to -> solid part (make sure that it is the solid that you are converting from the object browser). This will put the part in your “custom parts” so that you can mix it with other shapes.
  5. Now I import a “sphere” replacing the text, transform (under edit) in the x axis by 3-4 times, so that I end up with a ellipse, and cut the lower half.
  6. I go back to select, and reduce the triangle budget to obtain a “crystal-like” look
  7. Then I select the text I prepared for mesh mixing. It will be in “My parts” in meshmix menu
  8. After a “boolean substract” with a careful alignment, the final object looks like this:

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