Lego adapter for Interroll OmniWheel

By | 18/06/2017

The interroll omniwheel is the cheapest set of 48mm omniwheels that you can buy here where I live. You pay 25 Eur + 5 Eur for shipping for a set of 10 (=5 wheels) in ebay whereas a single Lego compatible one costs upwards 40 euros with shipping (and I needed at least three).

The interroll company does not intend these to be driven, but they nicely provide CAD data, so I opened Fusion 360, and after a short work, I came up with this axle.

This first version needs still a bit of work, as the bush is still a bit too tight. Still, it fits, and I have a lot of torque transferred to wheels.

The details are in my thingiverse account


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