Intel Aero Drone, first steps.

By | 30/06/2017

The Intel Aero Drone program is a mess. There are outdated documents everywhere. Unhelpful answers due to various outdated firmware handling things drastically different. Marketing talk laden answers that gives no insight etc.

…but it is admittedly getting better, if you know what to look for.

as of today (30/06/2017) The most up to date information is here

In short, in order to get the drone ready to program, you have to update

  1. The bios
  2. The linux distro
  3. The FPGA
  4. The flight controller PX4 firmware

All of them, without an exception.

Then, when you connect to the drone’s wifi, Qgroundcontrol recognizes the drone properly. (I hope the alignment of the stars will last this time)

Finally, a calibration process is mandatory when you flash the flight controller.

Now, I have to dig the relevant info and understand how the streaming works.


Notes to myself:

  • The USB3 extension does not work for some reason. USB2 OTA works.
  • When there are too many USB devices, I kept seeing irq39 problems. Just a keyboard/mouse + usb on hub works

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